Hey there, I’m Caroline

A freelance designer with love for crafts, data visualisation and the desire to create extraordinary works,
based between Sintra, Portugal and Potsdam, Germany.

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When other children were still drawing with finger paints, a wide variety of materials had to be adapted to my creative urge. 

When I was 14, my imagination helped me to solve a tricky case in a radio play and to win the first price, an internet access. The only problem was, we didn’t had a computer. So we had to get one. This opened the world of informatics to me.

Through my studies in communication design I became aware that contemporary design has to take responsibility for people and environment, climate and future. This has become my attitude to life.

My talent for cross-linking thinking and making complex correlations popular-scientifically digestible, helped me to get into my master’s programme at the FH Potsdam, in the field of interface design. I finished my master September 2019 with the specialization “Data Visualization”.

With my Master’s thesis I brought together my beloved fields of code, natural sciences and design.


I carefully design publications, brands, websites and datavis in the belief that creativity has no boundaries and that little details make a big difference.

Basic Webdevelopement

As an art director, designer and front-end developer, I have been continuously gaining experience as a freelancer and employee since 2013, at various projects and agencies. In addition to design and conception, I also offer a growing knowledge of scientific topics and data visualization.

I find inspiration in nature, books, science, at design talks and within good whisky. When I’m not working, you can find me surfing, enjoying café and cake while reading a book, exploring nature and museums or building some furniture.


I love working with all types of clients, from a passionated cook to bigger brands, and in the past I had the chance to work with some great people on a big variety of projects.

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