Hey there, I’m Coro

A freelance graphic, UX/UI and datavis designer, based between Gotheburg, Sweden and Sintra, Portugal.
I dream of an indoor jungle, can’t decide on a favourite colour and soak up new things like a sponge to squeeze it out into unique creative works.

It’s a match! Let’s talk.

I find inspiration in nature, books, science, at design talks and within good whisky.

I hate coriander, but I love functional stuff.

For 10+ years I carefully design publications, brands, websites, Apps and datavis in the belief that creativity has no boundaries and that little details make a big difference.

For the last four years I have lived in Portugal, which gave my work fresh perspectives and inspiration. Traveling and exploring different cultures enriches my work. Since January 2023 I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and I am looking forward to new challenges and experiences to develop myself as a person and in my work.

I love using paper and pen to sketch out ideas or to convey complex matter in a visual and easily digestible way. After school, I first learned Houte Couture dressmaking. Whether it started there or was always in my nature, I can get lost in details. Most of the time, it’s these details that make a product unique and successful.

After finishing my Masters in Interface Design and moving to Portugal, I took the initiative to promote data literacy by founding DataVis Lisboa with Sara Mesquita. Personally I am a big data visualization enthusiast and see the big potential to make data more accessible and usable.

When I’m not working, you can find me surfing, enjoying café and cake while reading a book or sketching, exploring nature and museums or trying some DIY stuff I found on Pinterest.

Once I almost won an award!

At least I can show off with a post on Designmadeingermany.
Acknowledging good work is important to me, but it doesn’t have to come in the form of an award. I respect the good work of others and like to overlook my own good achievements. I need to get better at restraining my (false) perfectionism, to stand back and see: It is good (enough) as it is. Thanks to no fear of failing here and there, I learn quickly and eagerly.

Worth mentioning is that we were listed in the Digital Top 10 Deutschland (Germany) with our Südkreuz project.

You can watch me talk.

… in some editions of our Online Meetup.

And you can find my voice in the podcast Go Beyond the Data.

Diversify my skillset

Working with different clients and agencies offers numerous benefits. It enables me to diversify my skills and network, gain exposure to various industries and clients, and choose projects that align with my interests and goals. I’m a versatile and experienced freelancer who can bring fresh perspectives and deliver high-quality work to your projects.