I’m a Digital Product and Dataviz Designer,
who loves surfing and whisky.

Started out as a graphic designer, in the last few years I developed my skills in UI and UX design.

I have been creating brands, print media and interactive experiences for over 10 years.

And now I want to specialize more. That’s why I’m looking for a UX agency that values my visual way of thinking and doesn’t mind me asking frank questions. A big plus would be if I can enrich projects with data visualisation.

(The portfolio is currently getting a fresh coat of awesome!)

– Data Visualization, UX/UI Design

800 Routes of Diversity and Contrast

»City in Flux« visualizes the informal and formal mobility networks in Cape Town. It reveals hidden patterns and dividing lines throughout the city and tells meaningful stories that help to understand the developments in the city’s physical and social mobility networks.

– Data Visualization, UX/UI Design

Hitting the Core –
An Explorative Design Approach for the Analysis of Categorical Data

Comparing categorical sequences over a long period of time helps researchers validate or generate hypotheses and identify further research questions.

In my master’s thesis, I explored the possibilities of visualizing such data and developed and evaluated a visualization tool suitable for this purpose for domain experts.

Making Data Visible and Understandable

Together with my friend Sara Mesquita I founded the Meetup “Data Visualization Lisboa”. Our goal is to promote a Data Viz community in Portugal, that brings together anyone who wants to transform raw data into expressive and effective visualization designs. For this aim we organize talks, workshops, discussions, hacksessions, and more.

We want to build a creative environment full of professionalism, knowledge and curiosity, ambition and humour, responsibility towards society and enthusiasm for (the beauty of) data.

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