“A place and the people who work there”

“The “Schwanenhöfe” in the Erkrather Straße in Düsseldorf Flingern look back on a rich past: At the turn of the century German industrial history was written here with Dr. Thompson’s soap factory. With the revitalisation of the site, an unique innovation location has now emerged. […] The book “Die Schwanenhöfe. Living and Working in Düsseldorf-Flingern” brings together the history of the site with the stories of the tenants and is as varied as the people it portrays. The large-format pictures by the photographers Anké Hunscha and Michael Reisch show the rough elegance of the architecture and give an impression of the special culture and atmosphere that now breathes life back into this traditional place”.

Project Time 2,5 Month
My Role
Editorial Design, Art Direction, Project Management

As a freelancer at the agency “Büro Zoo”, I had the opportunity to contribute to the publication “SCHWANENHÖFE”, both creatively and editorially. The book was commissioned by Schwanenhöfe Grundstücksgesellschaft.

Agentur Zoo

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