Newspaper in Stitches

Die Zeit

Newspaper in Stitches

The weekly paper »Die Zeit« (The Time) served me as the basis here. A newspaper is often a really dry object.

So I decided to stitch some articles, taken from this newspaper. I chose the method of stitching, because it still has the reputation of a »Grandmother’s uncool activity«. So the combination of long-established tradition and modern quality newspaper was something I found interesting.

For the headlines I created sample stitches on paper based on the »Arial«, which is used on the Website of »Die Zeit«. As the result I can present three different articles, from each of which I stitched the headline and part of the interesting content, consisting of a text or a picture.For example the following headline caught my attention: »A German Nazi lawyer defends the holocaust denier Williamson«. In the Catholic Church there can still a lot of splendid robes be found embroidered by hand. By stitching the picture of the bishop meticulously in detailed work I saw a way of expressing my critical point of view on things like this.

4 month course project, University of Applied Sciences Aachen
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Editorial Design, Handcrafted , Illustration
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